2021 Fixtures (no background colours)

Please note that the fixtures schedule may be subject to change before the start of the outdoor playing season and even during it, fixture changes can be requested by St Chads or the opposition so always check the playing sheets in the clubhouse.    If you think you have spotted what could be an error (we are all human) then please be kind enough to let Bernard Dowley know.

Key: M = Mens game, L = Ladies game, Mix = Mix ladies and men

Please note that games against Ford Sports Bowling Club are cancelled due to the club sadly folding.   Also cancelled are the first two outings to Lyminge and Herne Bay, this due to Covid restrictions.   All games and outings remain at the mercy of in force Covid restrictions possibly even beyond 21st June.

Date OpponentsCompVenueRinksDressTimeType
25/04/2021Sun 25thOpening DriveCCHW14:30Mix
26/04/2021Mon 26thRoll-up dayCCHG14:00Mix
27/04/2021Tue 27thGreen test dayCCHG14:00Mix
28/04/2021Wed 28thRoll-up dayCCHG14:00Mix
29/04/2021Thu 29thRoll-up dayCCHG14:00Mix
30/04/2021Fri 30thRoll-up dayCCHG14:00Mix
04/05/2021Tue 4thSeven KingsRALA2 foursG14:30M
07/05/2021Fri 7thClementswoodRALMH2 foursG14:30Mix
10/05/2021Mon 10thSeven KingsFriendlyH3 tripG14:30Mix
12/05/2021Wed 12thHainaultCTLA3 tripG18:00M
14/05/2021Fri 14thFord SportsFriendlyH4 rinksG14:15Cancelled
16/05/2021Sun 16thOpen dayHTBAW14:30Mix
19/05/2021Wed 19thKings ChaseCTLH3 tripG18:00M
20/05/2021Thu 20thLymingeFriendlyA6 MixW09:30Cancelled
21/05/2021Fri 21stClementswoodRALH2 foursG14:30M
25/05/2021Tue 25thClementswoodT/SH3 tripG14:30M
26/05/2021Wed 26thFord SportsCTLH3 tripG18:00Cancelled
27/05/2021Thu 27thOld DagenhamSCTH4 MixG14:30Mix
01/06/2021Tue 1stBarleyRALH3 TripG14:30M
02/06/2021Wed 2ndClementswoodCTLA3 tripG18:00M
03/06/2021Thu 3rdClementswoodRALMA2 foursG14:30Mix
04/06/2021Fri 4thHainaultT/SA3 TripG14:30M
08/06/2021Tue 8thBarleyT/SH3 TripG14:30M
15/06/2021Tue 15thGoodmayesT/SH3 TripG14:30M
16/06/2021Wed 16thOld DagenhamCTLH3 TripG18:00M
17/06/2021Thu 17thHerne BayFriendlyA6 mixW14:30Outing
18/06/2021Fri 18thGoodmayesRALMH2 foursG14:30Mix
21/06/2021Mon 21stSeven KingsT/SA3 TripG14:30M
23/06/2021Wed 23rdHainaultCTLH3 TripG18:00M
29/06/2021Tue 29thHainaultRALH2 foursG14:30M
30/06/2021Wed 30thKings ChaseCTLA3 TripG18:00M
03/07/2021Sat 3rdCanterburyFriendlyA6 MixW09:00Outing
06/07/2021Tue 6thHainaultRALMA2 foursG14:30Mix
07/07/2021Wed 7thFord SportsCTLA3 tripG18:00Cancelled
09/07/2021Fri 9thFord SportsFriendlyA4 TripG14:30cancelled
11/07/2021Sun 11thLynn SeearsCCH6 MixW12:00Mix
13/07/2021Tue 13thHaynes ParkFriendlyH3 TripG14:30Mix
14/07/2021Wed 14thClementswoodCTLH3 TripG18:00M
15/07/2021Thu 15thClementswoodT/SA3 TripG14:30M
17/07/2021Sat 17thGloucester Park BasildonFriendlyA3 FoursG14:30Mix
19/07/2021Mon 19thSeven KingsRALH2 foursG14:30M
23/07/2021Fri 23rdHainaultT/SH3 tripG14:30M
25/07/2021Sun 25thTwo Woods DayCCHTBAW14:30Mix
26/07/2021Mon 26thPlashet GroveT/SH3 tripG14:30M
28/07/2021Wed 28thOld DagenhamCTLH3 tripG18:00M
29/07/2021Thu 29thSeven KingsFriendlyH3 TripG14:30Mix
30/07/2021Fri 30thBarleyRALA2 foursG14:30M
03/08/2021Tue 3rdEastbourneFriendlyA6 MixW09:00Outing
04/08/2021Wed 4thCTLQFTBA3 TripG14:30M
05/08/2021Thu 5thBarleyT/SA3 TripG14:30M
08/08/2021Sun 8thStanstedCowan cupH4 MixG14:30Mix
09/08/2021Mon 9thClementswoodRALA2 foursG14:30M
10/08/2021Tue 10thHainaultRALA2 foursG14:30M
11/08/2021Wed 11thCTLSFTBA3 TripG17:30M
12/08/2021Thu 12thBarleyRALMA2 foursG14:30Mix
13/08/2021Fri 13thGoodmayesT/SA3 TripG14:30M
18/08/2021Wed 18thCTLFinalsTBA3 TripG17:30M
19/08/2021Thu 19thPlashet GroveT/SA3 TripG14:30M
24/08/2021Tue 24thNew RomneyFriendlyA6 MixW09:00Outing
26/08/2021Thu 26thOld DagenhamSCTA4 tripW14:30Mix
28/08/2021Sat 28thGloucester Park BasildonFriendlyH3 FoursG14:30Mix
30/08/2021Mon 30thHainaultRALMH2 foursG14:30Mix
31/08/2021Tue 31stSeven KingsT/SH3 tripG14:30M
06/09/2021Mon 6thSeven KingsFriendlyH3 tripG14:30Mix
08/09/2021Wed 8thGoodmayesRALMA2 foursG14:30Mix
09/09/2021Thu 9thFolkestoneFriendlyA6 MixW09:30Outing
10/09/2021Fri 10thBarleyRALMH2 foursG14:30Mix
18/09/2021Sat 18thClub finalsC/CHTBAWTBAMix
19/09/2021Sun 19thClub finalsC/CHTBAWTBAMix
20/09/2021Mon 20thHaynes ParkFriendlyA3 TripG14:30Mix
28/09/2021Tue 28thWhitstableFriendlyA6 MixW09:30Outing
03/10/2021Sun 3rdClosing DriveH6 FoursW12:00Mix