2015 Team - Presedents versus captains (cropped)

President versus Captains teams

Welcome to the web site for St Chads Bowling Club at Chadwell Heath.


Bowling is for the ”retired oldies” only, right? WRONG! Bowling can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, any gender, able bodied or not so.

Bowling is just rolling a ball so it must be easy, right? RIGHT AND WRONG!  You have to gain some knowledge of how the bowl rolls, positioning, rules of the game etc but it’s up to you how easy or hard it gets.  If you have ambitions to be a top bowler then this requires a lot of skill and practice (i.e. hard) but most people are happy just to enjoy learning the game and playing for pleasure (i.e easy!).

Lawn bowls has been a popular game of skill since the 14th century.  Opposing teams rolled a wooden ball towards a small black ‘jack’ ball and scored points for being the closest after all the bowls had been played. The game was so popular that King Henry VIII and James I both banned ordinary people from playing it on Sundays because saying it distracted them from archery practice!!

St.Chads welcomes new bowlers regardless of age, ability, gender or experience. During the summer season we play outdoors on grass and during the winter months we play short mat bowls in our club house.  Come in and try it!

Are there health benefits to playing bowls?  Absolutely!

During the summer months, as well as our local area intra- and  inter-club matches, we have regular coach outings to other clubs further afield.   So you can have fun, make new friends and get fit!

We have a fully licenced bar and facilities for the disabled. Our club house is also available for hire, please use the contact form to make an enquiry.

Please browse our website, check out our fixtures and social events and feel free to contract us if you have any questions and please do leave a mention in our Guestbook before you leave.

New members are always welcome!   Pop in and give it a try (we have spare woods that you may use), any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon (from 2pm) or call 07908 645426 (club number, leave a message),Dave (07771 882595) or Bernard (07710 620729) to arrange a convenient time. It will be a pleasure to meet you.


ST Chads Bowling Club is a HMRC registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC reg no CH5979)

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